I see it all the time...

Busy people beginning a wellness program who:

  • Start a new gym or fitness plan, grow impatient with their results & quit entirely. 

  • Try nutrition programs that completely ignore their lifestyle or metabolic needs.

  • Lose focus on their goals & do too much at once trying to achieve them.

  • Tie their identity to their busyness. 

  • Ignore the connection of their mental  health to their physical.

  • Abandon their intuition about their personal needs because they're afraid of getting it wrong.



  • Wants a total body composition renovation

  • Craves more balance in their daily routine

  • Feels like they're doing all the right things, but making no progress


  • Has always wanted to look & feel more athletic.

  • Wishes to address all pillars of their health.

  • Likes to geek out on fitness & nutrition science​​​​


  • Enjoys having the support of a coach to help them get better

  • Is interested in addressing personal development: stress management techniques, self-healing strategies & mindfulness practices.



✅   I consider all aspects of your life when coaching - family, work, stress levels, workout routine & daily schedule.

✅   I teach you how to INCREASE MUSCLE & LOSE FAT, within a customized, multiple-phase nutrition plan & a versatile training program beyond boring split routines.

✅  Mind-Body Connection is the driving force of my results. I address ALL the pillars of your health: Mental, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual & Social.

✅   I help you avoid injury & increase body awareness via enhancing the mind-muscle connection.

✅  I am 100% results-driven - we make moves when the data says it’s time.

​✅   I’ll teach you how to overcome limiting beliefs & introduce more mindfulness into your routine.


What We Offer

Person Before Protocol


1:1 Coaching
Custom nutrition plans based on your personal metabolism + weekly fitness programming to fuel, train & recover in total wellness.


For optimizing your athletic performance or recovery from Yo-Yo Dieting, Adrenal fatigue & Obesity. Learn how to work with macros, track food & fit your nutrition into your lifestyle.


8-Week Course with modules on how to design your own nutrition program for your clients.



I went from zero athletic experience, to becoming a competitive athlete in my 40s. Now, as a certified nutritionist, personal trainer, USAW weightlifting coach & CrossFit Level 3 Trainer, I help people rediscover their drive & reclaim their health. My fitness & nutrition programs are tailored to your personal metabolism, lifestyle & goals. 

As a wife & mother of two with my own business, my quest is to help you unleash your inner beast, even when you feel chewed up.


- Angie S.

I was done having kids & wanted to get my body back on track. I needed some accountability & someone to guide me into the best way to getting my body and eating habits back on track. 

I lost about 20 pounds and gained back a lot of confidence. I also learned a ton as well! Vanessa is realistic, & makes sure that I know that we aren't all perfect, and adjusts her programs for LIFE. 

I really like how she tries to get to know my personality & my home life because these are such important attributes when being successful in a nutrition program! She knows a lot more than many nutritionists & she cares about her clients- she really & truly personalizes her plans to what works best for your life.


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