Here's the Problem:

This is how it goes for most busy people beginning a fitness or nutrition program:

  • They try a new gym or fitness plan expecting to see huge results. Then they grow impatient, get too busy & quit entirely. 

  • They cut out entire food groups (all carbs, all sugar, etc.) - get confused about how to eat, then end up eating all the things & punishing themselves for it.

  • They keep trying to “do it alone.” They follow random Instagram workouts, or chunk together cheap online programs with their gym’s program. They accept nutrition advice from 20 different sources then try to piece it all together. Resulting in an incohesive program.


  • Enjoys functional fitness or HIIT workouts

  • Isn't afraid of weightlifting

  • Wants fitness programming they can do at home or in any standard gym

  • Wishes for a nutrition plan that fits into their lifestyle

  • Needs to overcome exercise-related injuries or hot-spots

  • Desires more accountability for their routine

  • Is interested in learning stress management techniques

  • Needs to improve their relationship with food

  • Is driven by a wish for athleticism & body composition change

  • Enjoys having a coach to help them get better

  • Wants to learn how to improve mindset

  • Needs tools to take control of their own nutrition

  • Wishes to be happy in their own skin


Green Juice

✅   I consider all aspects of your life when coaching - family, work, stress levels, workout routine & daily schedule.

✅   I teach you how to INCREASE MUSCLE & LOSE FAT, within a customized, multiple-phase nutrition plan & a versatile training program beyond boring split routines.

✅   I will support you with video assessments of your movements, weekly check-ins, biomarker evaluation and a community of like-minded people to help you stay motivated.

✅   I help you avoid injury & increase body awareness via enhancing the mind-muscle connection.


✅  I am 100% results-driven - we make moves when the data says it’s time.

​✅   I’ll teach you how to overcome limiting beliefs & introduce more mindfulness into your routine.

What We Offer

Person Before Protocol


Custom nutrition + weekly fitness programming to fuel, train & recover in total wellness.


For optimizing your athletic performance or recovery from Yo-Yo Dieting, Adrenal fatigue & Obesity. Learn how to work with macros, track food & fit your nutrition into your lifestyle.


8-Week Course with modules on how to design your own nutrition program for your clients.


I went from zero athletic experience, to becoming a competitive athlete in my 40s. Now, as a certified nutritionist, personal trainer, USAW weightlifting coach & CrossFit Level 3 Trainer, I help people rediscover their drive & reclaim their health. My fitness & nutrition programs are tailored to your personal metabolism, lifestyle & goals. 

As a wife & mother of two with my own business, my quest is to help you unleash your inner beast, even when you feel chewed up.

I was done having kids & wanted to get my body back on track. I needed some accountability & someone to guide me into the best way to getting my body and eating habits back on track. 

I lost about 20 pounds and gained back a lot of confidence. I also learned a ton as well! Vanessa is realistic, & makes sure that I know that we aren't all perfect, and adjusts her programs for LIFE. 

I really like how she tries to get to know my personality & my home life because these are such important attributes when being successful in a nutrition program! She knows a lot more than many nutritionists & she cares about her clients- she really & truly personalizes her plans to what works best for your life.

- Angie S.

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