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What if ...

You woke up every day feeling in control of your stress responses?


Your body out-performed most of the people in your gym or age-group?


You no longer felt captive to your moods or emotional eating?


You knew exactly how to dial in your food & fitness to perfectly fit your lifestyle?

You could easily grow & maintain muscle & strength?

You could achieve a lean body whenever you wanted?

I help overstressed, under-nourished people who:

  • Are experiencing a plateau in their fitness or body goals

  • Enjoy weightlifting or want to learn how to include it in their routine  

  • Spent years caring for others, at the expense of their OWN self-care.

  • Are ready to eat for their personal metabolism & be freed from emotional eating.

  • Want to LEARN how to manage their stress & get a hold of their emotions.

  • Want to be a badass in the gym & in life.


Client Talk


I turned 40 and decided it was time to grow up and learn how to care for a human body properly. I went from a size 18 couch potato to a size 6 runner who regularly hits 10-15 miles on a weekend, who eats wayyy more food than pretty much everyone I know. Vanessa is inspiring and encouraging, and really, REALLY knows her stuff. The proper food is a shockingly massive amount at times & the recommended amount of time on exercise is shockingly low! Yet it magically works ...

- Sarah S.

I was stuck. Lots of workout and little to no changes to weight or muscle mass. Life was a frustrating cycle of hours at the gym and nothing to show for it. Now, I am stronger, leaner and down 2 sizes. Vanessa is straight forward and honest, but always positive and encouraging. The most surprising part of the program is that I got to eat more than I thought. Vanessa creates a program that fits the person and their life style. She's the best!

- Denise Z.

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I was done having kids and wanted to get my body back on track. I lost about 20 pounds and gained back a lot of confidence. I also learned a ton as well! Vanessa is realistic & makes sure that I know that we aren't all perfect, and adjusts her programs for LIFE. I really like how she tries to get to know my personality and my home life because these are such important attributes when being successful in a nutrition program! She knows a lot more than many nutritionists and that she cares about her clients- she really and truly personalizes her plans to what works best for your life.

- Angie S.

Every time I work with Vanessa, I learn something new about what works for my body & metabolism. Eating clean is not one-size-fits-all. I learned I'm really sensitive to starches & should eat them only close to my workouts. I tolerate fruits much better. I'm glad to have somebody push me to uncomfortable places & a support group that understands the journey.

- Natalie B.

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