My Story

I'm not your average jock.

I was a drama club member. Band "geek." Writer. Artist. Punk rocker.

Athletics were never on my resume, nor did I desire them to be.

But shortly after having kids, something changed.

I needed something for myself, something that gave me an identity beyond mom & wife. After starting a fitness routine at gyms where women were afraid of the weight room, but complained about seeing no results, my path began to take shape.

They were still doing push-ups on their knees, despite almost religious consistency to their favorite group classes & felt no improvement in endurance. Their fitness levels stagnated along with their bodies.

The more I listened, the more I realized they were missing the connection to their nutrition, stress levels, lack of sleep & lack of boundaries.

I aimed to develop a methodology that nurtured mind, body & soul, so they could feel empowered to take control over their own process & health.


Following over 15 years in Washington, DC’s fine dining business working for & writing about farm-to-table restaurants, I worked as editor for Northern Virginia magazine. After my first son was born, I moved to West Virginia where restaurants were few but farms were plenty. While there, I founded the nonprofit organization, The Locavore Project, under which I worked to connect the community to their farmer & educate folks on the importance of clean eating & local agriculture. After receiving my certification as a Nutrition Counselor, I built my programs with Westin A. Price philosophies, further inspired by such experts as Robert Lustig, Mark Hyman, Emeran Mayer, David Perlmutter & Barry Sears.


To nurture & support over-stressed, under-nourished people to mend mind, muscle & metabolism, so they can step into their power & realize their full, human potential. I believe in addressing ALL pillars of health so clients are guaranteed a transformation by the end of their relationship with me.


  • National Academy of Sports Medicine, CPT (4 years)

  • American Fitness Professionals Assn., Nutrition Counselor

  • CrossFit Level-3 Trainer

  • USAW Level-1 Coach

  • Member, Center for Mindful Eating

  • Journalism/Communication, BA