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Every time I work with Vanessa I learn something new about what works for my body/metabolism. Eating clean is not one-size-fits-all. I'm really sensitive to starches (even unprocessed ones like yams!) & it's important that I only eat them after workouts. But I tolerate fruits much better (what's that apple a day thing?) Glad I have someone to push me to uncomfortable places & a support group that understands the journey!

Natalie B.

I'm an endurance athlete and could not understand why I wouldn't drop weight or make performance gains while training for endurance races. I saw some changes in my performance by joining a CrossFit gym to build muscle, but it wasn't until I started working with ForkLift Fitness that I really saw some changes.

Vanessa worked one on one with me to hone in my nutrition needs based on my athletic goals.  We started on one path, and ended up tweaking that plan a number of times to find what worked best for me.  Vanessa was there every step of the way, listening to what I was struggling with and to what was working well.  She always had good advice and all of the tweaks have worked.  I eat more now than I ever did, and am very pleased with my transformation.  I even have abs now that I haven't seen in a very long time, and I'm in the best shape of my life at age 53!  I feel I have learned how to control my weight instead of letting it control me! - Lisa C.

Lisa C.

I turned 40 and decided it was time to grow up and learn how to care for a human body properly. I went from a size 18 couch potato to a size 6 runner who regularly hits 10-15 miles on a weekend, who eats wayyy more food than pretty much everyone I know.

Vanessa is inspiring and encouraging, and really, REALLY knows her stuff. The proper food is a shockingly massive amount at times & the recommended amount of time on exercise is shockingly low! Yet it magically works ...

Sarah S.

I was stuck. Lots of working out with little to no changes to weight or muscle mass. Life was a frustrating cycle of hours at the gym with nothing to show for it. Now, I'm stronger, leaner & down 2 sizes! Vanessa is straightforward & honest, but always positive & encouraging. The most surprising part of the program is that I got to eat more than I thought! Vanessa creates a program that fits the person & their lifestyle. She's the best!

Denise Z.

I wanted to lose weight & was struggling with motivation. I lost nearly 10lbs & I'm able to manage meal prep so much easier! Vanessa keeps it real & tries to work with what best fits your lifestyle.

Jecica B.


Are you ready?

Because it's time ...

Hey Friend!
I'm Vanessa.
And I'm not a COVID-coach trying to capitalize on the online market. I've been online health coaching for nearly 10 years.

The main reason I've survived this long in the remote coaching world is because I don't give a shit about collecting followers or influencer cred.

I'm driven by helping people embrace their humanity & realize their full human potential.

You may not be a good fit for what I do. And if you're not, I'll tell you. (But I'm going to help you out a little for free before I send you on your way, because that's just the kinda gal I am.)

I'm not here to bullshit you.
I'm not here to coddle you.

I'm legit here to make sure you're better than you were before you hired me.

Whether that means improving your opinion of yourself, helping you protect your energy by drawing boundaries or giving you some new strength, skill or number on the scale - I don't rest until we've balanced at least THREE of your pillars. (But I always shoot for all 6.)

We work together, in a coaching relationship where I help you self-source the power you need to achieve your goals by helping you get out of your own way.

Not everybody is ready. That's OK. 
But if you're tired of being left to your own devices, & you're ready to mend mind, muscle & metabolism, click below to apply coaching.


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